Tuco’s rewards your loyalty for every purchase made online and in-store with every 10th purchase free. Since restrictions have been in place since last year, we have recognised a shift toward more people seeking contactless ordering, payment and collection. So in January 2021, we relaunched our website with the main goal to make it easier than ever to order online.  With an easy-to-navigate dashboard, now, it is simpler to place an order, customize your meal, and pay without the hassle of creating an account, just by receiving a text message to your phone. Additonally, the new platform also offers the same loyalty feature we offer in store. Your points are stored automatically, and every tenth purchase is free.

It is important to mention that our reward programme in-store is still in place, and you can avail its benefit by asking our friendly staff at any of our restaurants for our loyalty card if you do not have it yet. The loyalty card works under the same principle, you get 10% back from every purchase, getting every tenth purchased free. Despite our online and offline system rewards your purchases alike, it is important to say that they work independently, the points of your physical loyalty card cannot be used online and vice versa.

It’s also important to bear in mind that having a loyalty card gives you more than points for a free meal, it gives you access to additional rewards such as free t-shirts, like in our campaign for our 5th birthday in 2020. Thus, stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook for upcoming promotions and discounts, and remember, it does not matter if you prefer to place your order online or in-store, Tuco’s will always reward your loyalty.

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